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99% Fresh Bamboo Soothing Gel provides cooling effects while deeply moisturizing the skin

Bamboo Soothing Gel contains 99% bamboo extract that provides relief for fatigued and dry skin all season long. Bamboo is rich in moisture and contains anti-bacterial properties that provide a cooling effect on damaged or sunburned skin.

Directions & Tip

Apply liberally to face and other skin areas that need soothing moisture relief. Pat gently for fast absorption.??Apply frequently to calm sunburn and irritated skin from sun exposure. It can also be used as a skin soothing??moisturizing cream, moisturizing pack, body care, hair care and hand and foot care.

Key Ingredients

Bamboo efficiently refines dead skin cells and purifies??skin. It also helps skin retain moisture and elasticity.

Green Tea
Assists with pore contraction through anti-oxidative and??anti-inflammatory activity, keeping the skin fresh and??soft. Refreshes and revitalizes tired and aged skin due
to oxygen free radicals.

Sea Buckthorn Fruit
The natural Vitamin C and E content of Sea Buckthorn??Fruit keeps skin rejuvenated and helps sooth tired and??sensitive skin.

Prevents melanin pigmentation, soothes skin, relieves??inflammation and excretes toxins out of the skin. It also helps prevent freckles, sunspots, and acne.

Centella Asiatica
Madeccasoside, found in Centella Asiatica, helps cure problematic skin and soothes irritated and reddened skin