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Made from pure glacier water with EWG verified ingredients to refresh and moisturize the skin

Icefield Fresh Toner contains the purest form of glacial water and is EWG verified, Green Class of safe??ingredients. The refreshing moisture of glacial water gently refines the skin, allowing the toner to absorb into??the skin for immediate hydration. The skin will remain hydrated and will be prepared for the next step in the skincare routine.

Directions & Tip

After cleansing, soak a cotton pad with the product and gently massage in an outward motion.

Key Ingredients

Canadian Glacial Water
Rich in minerals, high purity Canadian glacial water??supplies moisture and keeps the skin hydrated and??soft.

Hyaluronic Acid
Replenishes moisture immediately to dry skin and??forms a protective film(layer) to keep retain moisture.

Licorice Roots
Provides cell regeneration and is ideal for anti-aging,??skin soothing and quickly recovering dry skin exposed??to harsh external environmental stressors.

Ginger extract provides nourishment to the skin. It??has skin protective anti-oxidant properties and is also??effective for whitening and removing wrinkles.

Coptis Chinesis
Protects, moisturizes and helps soothe irritated skin by??lowering skin temperature and retaining hydration.