KARA Magazine Collection Eyeshadow

$19 $26

# 1 Poetry of Love

Read into the hues that adorn this palette, a romantic combination of pinks, reds and golds and the perfect pair of blush and highlighter. Soft yet packed with a punch of pigment. Make this your favorite read.

# 2??Starry eyes

After one comes two. The second edition comes in with a pop of color. Starry eyes will be the result after combining and blending our fully pigment shades. Finish off with a bit of blush and bronzer, such an editorial babe.

# 3??Make a statement

Making a statement is always the goal. Achieve the most memorable looks with our third issue. Packed with vibrant colors, a dull read will never be a thing. The bronzer and highlighter will surely add the extra kick. Being a statement has never been so easy.

Size of Palette??5.25(W)" x 7.5(H)" x 0.5(D)"