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Fast absorbing lotion that gives glowing??and healthy looking skin all day

Radiance Emulsion contains powerful moisturizing ingredients, made from mineral rich glacier water, that??helps maintain healthy and glossy skin texture. This non-sticky formula revitalizes tired skin, hydrates dry skin??and helps restore skin?€?s pH balance.

Directions & Tip

For best results, apply Icefield Hydrating Essence then apply generous amount of the product and gently??massage in an outward motion.

Key Ingredients

Canadian Glacial Water
Rich in minerals, high purity Canadian glacial water??supplies moisture and keeps the skin hydrated and??soft.

Hyaluronic Acid
Replenishes moisture immediately to dry skin and??forms a protective film(layer) to keep retain moisture.

Licorice Roots
Provides cell regeneration and is ideal for anti-aging,??skin soothing and quickly recovering dry skin exposed??to harsh external environmental stressors.

Schisandra Chinensis
Lignans in Schisandra Chinesis prevents cell damage,??skin aging and helps repair damaged skin. It also??contains powerful antioxidants that help maintain skin elasticity.

Glycerin absorbs moisture in the air and supplies it to??the skin to keep it moisturized